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⚽ Animate your site with the Aren'Arkema ⚽ 

The Aren'Arkema is a football animation covered by D1 Arkema colours.

Offer your collaborators to come and try this precision and reaction game !

The goal : try to score as many goals as possible in 30 seconds.

The package includes :

  • The arena with its 6 goals
  • 10 balls
  • A ball distributor
  • 1 stage manager for set up, animation and disassembly (including transfer fees, housing and catering)
  • 1 host
  • 1 outfit for the stage manager and the host

Set up requirements :

  • A 10x10m flat space 
  • 2 PC16 outlets

Price :

  • On an indicative basis, set up and disassembly + Arena'Arkema rent for a day is 3500 €. You might add to this price transfer charges which vary depending on the site. These charges can be mutualised in case of several animations order for the same date.